Tools for Success: Manufacturing Assembly Solutions You Can Trust. Whether it’s a single torque tool or a whole assembly line, Technical Tool Products is a premier provider of world-class manufacturing & assembly solutions.

Assembly Technologies

Solutions that speed up production, improve quality, cut costs, and eliminate downtime.

Speed up production, improve quality, cut costs, and eliminate downtime. We offer more than torque tools and safety equipment. We offer complete manufacturing solutions.

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Industry 4.0 (IIOT) - Smart Connected Assembly

The next industrial revolution is here and we have the products and expertise to help you connect.

Increase your productivity, quality, and usable data by seamlessly connecting your people, equipment, and machines. The next industrial revolution is here… and we can help.

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Overhead Material Handling

Capabilities include cranes, hoists, vacuum lifters, and many other overhead lifting solutions.

From moving your raw materials, to advancing finished goods rapidly along the supply chain, TTP provides lifting solutions by utilizing local engineering, world-class products, installation, and service.

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Ergonomic Lifting & Safety Products

World-class products that enable effective and sustainable ergonomic standards and processes.

Utilize TTP’s standard and custom engineered solutions to prevent personal injury associated with picking, gripping, lifting, tilting, rotating, conveying and/or positioning almost any product.

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Fall Protection

Avoid the majority of workplace compensation claims associated with personnel falls by utilizing TTP's fall protection solutions.

A complete personal fall protection solution includes an anchor, a body harness and a connector – such as a shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard or self-retracting lanyard (SRL).

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