Assembly Tools and Technologies

Speed up production, improve quality, cut costs, and eliminate downtime. We offer more than torque tools and safety equipment. We offer complete manufacturing solutions.

An industry-leading supplier of assembly tools and technology to the Upper Midwest, Technical Tool Products is dedicated to the continuous improvement of manufacturing and the sharing of ideas among like-minded partners. We not only offer the highest quality brands on the planet, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

We provide proven industry knowledge and capable hand and torque, rivet, drilling, and material removal tools to install, screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, Rivnuts®, and various other assembly applications. Our job is to help our customers understand and control, measure, and record torque, angle, clamp load, shear, loose fasteners, lubricity, galling, cross-threading, rattles, squeaks, cleavage, pull outs, and the myriad of variables associated with fastening parts together.

TTP offers everything from micro-tools and robotic cells for tiny fasteners and rivets, to ultra-high products for big bolts. We offer solutions for manual, pneumatic or electric assembly, hand-held and fixtured tooling, presses, torque arms, and multi-spindles – almost anything you need to put you ahead of your competition. We take today’s productivity, ergonomics, quality, and connectivity into the realm of Industry 4.0 with Smart Connected Assembly.

And we have everything you need to start or improve an assembly line or cell – product, technical support, engineering, layout design, project management, installation, support and service. We’re also happy to bring tools to your facility for a demonstration to prove our capabilities first-hand.

Products & Solutions:

  • Advanced assembly tooling
  • Hand Tools and Torque Wrenches
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Battery tools
  • Electric tools
  • Multi-spindles
  • Atlas Copco Nutrunners
  • Presses
  • Tool management and ergonomics
  • Plant / Line layout assistance
  • Torque arms
  • Balancers, retractors, and reels
  • Torque measurement and analysis
  • Torque, angle, load analysis equipment
  • Joint simulators
  • Automation equipment
  • Automatic fastener feeding and driving systems
  • Air motors
  • Real-time factory floor monitoring

Technical Tool Products has another distinct advantage: geographically distributed Technical Specialists and Factory Certified Service Technicians. This means one thing: you get fast individualized attention. Our capabilities do not end at providing power and torque tools – that’s where we begin. We can provide a full solution with conveyor, ergonomic lifting devices, cranes and hoists, workstations, and Industry 4.0, Smart Connected Products.



Controller and tools

Assembly Tools

We have more tools to install and audit your fasteners than anyone else in the upper-Midwest. Our dedication extends to R&D assistance, demo tools, preventive maintenance, onsite technical support, and factory-certified tool service center.

Torque Arms, Tool Suspension, Station Solutions

Technical Tool Products offers best-in-class safety and tool reaction ergonomics that make the factory floor a better place for you and your employees.

Production Aides

Let us help you create a world-class facility. We offer adjustable height workstations, tool rail, tables, ergonomic positioners, balancers, and compressed air and electric, and digital data supply systems.

Quality Assurance

When you need to make sure your tools, tolerances, and specifications are accurate, we have the perfect products for your requirements. Sleep well knowing you're building the best products from the lab to the market.