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Increase your productivity, quality, and usable data by seamlessly connecting your people, equipment, and machines. The next industrial revolution is here… and we can help.

A typical assembly line is inherently complex and often requires significant personnel on the factory floor – planners, parts fill/line support, supervisors, operators, quality control, troubleshooters, and end-of-line inspectors. Automation and robotics are resolving some of these issues in a positive way, but skilled people with good training and tools will always be required. Nevertheless, the opportunity for human error can be reduced further through standalone and/or plant-wide data analysis and control. You can start by equipping a single station with operator guidance utilizing the existing devices (tools) you have available. From there, you can continue to build out until you’re ready to combine it all into a plant-wide system.

We’ve provided real-time factory floor monitoring, operator guidance, and position recognition systems to some of the leading manufactures in the upper Midwest. These include many instances of production that are connected, reporting, viewed, controlled, and managed from virtual stations and mobile devices running on traditional and cloud-based servers. We have the proven battled-tested solutions that just work.


  • Atlas Copco
  • DeJaeger Automation – ProSuite
  • Ubisense

Why IIOT (industrial internet of things)?

The answer is simple: to improve quality and efficiency by leveraging the additional visibility and control that a connected line will give you. By collecting and analyzing the data that is linked to your internal requirements – serial numbers, production codes, bar codes, employee badge scan, etc, you can improve quality and efficiency by intervening faster and more effectively when an alert is sent to the right person at the right time. This can all be integrated into your network or the cloud.

We can work with manual inputs, I/O devices, various bus technologies, serial numbers, and badge scans, PLC’s and PC’s to create digital operator training and assembly guidance, process control, preventative maintenance alerts, and verified rework.


Advice - Free and Fee Based

Don't buy a solution until understanding the outcome - both upstream and down. We intimately understand the factory floor and our team of experts can help educate you and your team in this new and exciting industrial revolution (Industry 4.0, IIOT, or Smart Connected Assembly).

Monitoring and Data Collection

Data collection software is a great first and relatively easy step for capturing reliable production data streams. Information sent from your smart connected devices gives you the capability to continuously enhance the tightening process or other operations on your assembly line.

Poka-Yoke and Operator Guidance

Identify, correct, and prevent human error with visual and digital control. Our error proofing software, hardware and connectable products enhance your efforts to achieve zero defects, and reduce cost of rework, scrap or warranty claims. And together with our smart connected assembly tools, you can build a completely robust and scalable solution.

Real Time Location - Tools and Assets - Factory Automation

Looking for a comprehensive solution for tracking material assets in and outside the factory? Would you like to control the tools and other production equipment with a single system? We offer software solutions utilizing proprietary hardware that will drive quality, process reliability and transparency, visibility, as well as product safety on the line.