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Technical Tool Products

A history of delivering on our promise…

One of the challenges in today’s manufacturing environment is continuity in the assembly process when frequent changes occur on the factory floor. Sometimes engineers move within an organization by choice (Six Sigma or other advancements) or perhaps by workforce reductions or departures. No matter the circumstance, important information, institutional knowledge, and data is often lost. As a result, quality may suffer and advancements in technology have to be re-communicated to the next person who takes the position.

To maintain stability in an “up-is-down” world, consider TTP to be your trusted collaborator and partner who’s in it for the long term. We can assist in specifying, coordinating, implementing, and following through on a single aspect of the entire project. We’ve seen thousands of applications across an impressive range of companies – medical technology, recreational to heavy off-road equipment, windows and doors, and everything in between.

We are experienced (or have partnered on speed dial) in project management, line layout, structural design, quality control, error proofing, air systems, and almost all other aspects of manufacturing. TTP can bring our experience to help advise, guide or educate as required. Or you can delegate the project to TTP and we’ll apply the same world-class principles we have to our other customers. And the best thing? We learn from every project we do and pass on our knowledge to each and every customer.

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