Service & Support

Technical Tool Product’s core values have always balanced on exceptional sales, support, and service. No one part is more important than the other. And all are required to deliver on our promise to our valued customers.

Technical-Tool-Products-Head-Shots-Alex & Brad Solutions & Service-02144Tool Services and Capabilities:

  • Tool repair – Pneumatic, DC, Battery
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs – including digital tracking and predictive maintenance
  • Tool Validation – including onsite from In./Oz. to 2214 Ft./Lbs. (3000 NM)
  • Calibration – Thru our ISO 17025 partners
  • Tool/Application/Fastener troubleshooting & root cause analysis
  • Process Optimization – air system analysis, fastener studies, R&D – including failure modes and fastening strategies.
  • Offsite and Onsite Torque and Tool Repair Training

We are a factory authorized for Atlas Copco (their first Certified Service Center in the US) and Gesipa tool repair. We also have years of experience repairing and supporting other brands such as ARO, Ingersoll Rand, Uryu, Desoutter, Chicago Pneumatic, Cleco, Buckeye, Apex, Avdel, Sherex, and many more. Call or email us for pricing or to inquire about services and brands, not on this list.

Technical-Tool-Products-Head-Shots-Sue & Brad Service & Support What does it mean when we say we’re a Certified Atlas Copco Repair Center?

Simple. We must pass a rigorous annual audit, regularly send our technicians for factory training, invest thousands of dollars in specialized tooling and calibration equipment, stock a large supply of repair parts, and maintain a lean program focused on delivering quality repairs and rapid turnaround.

The benefits to you, our customer, is that the training and experience are closer to your door. We also have tools available for rent if your production cannot tolerate downtime.

Local is best but being backed by over 150 Atlas Copco Certified Technicians around the United States gives you the confidence that the tools you buy will always receive factory certified support and service.

Finally, there are benefits when dealing with a focused, agile company such as TTP. When you call, you may want to directly talk to Brad or Alex who is working on your exact tool. You can feel free to ask questions so you understand the problem, discuss ways to prevent future issues or get advice on whether to repair or replace your tool. Consider us your trusted collaborators. If you succeed, so do we.

For your repair, maintenance, or other service requests, call us today 952-974-3042 or contact our repair shop via email.